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T rex motor bike. Mountain bike on line.

T Rex Motor Bike

t rex motor bike

    motor bike
  • A motorcycle (also called a motorbike, bike, or cycle) is a single-track, two-wheeled motor vehicle. Motorcycles vary considerably depending on the task for which they are designed, such as long distance travel, navigating congested urban traffic, cruising, sport and racing, or off-road conditions.

    t rex
  • Tyrannosaurus ( or , meaning 'tyrant lizard') from the Greek words ???????? (tyrannos, meaning "tyrant") and ??????' (sauros, meaning "lizard"), is a genus of theropod dinosaur. The species Tyrannosaurus rex ('rex' meaning 'king' in Latin), commonly abbreviated to T.

  • T. Rex were an English rock band fronted by guitarist, singer and songwriter Marc Bolan. Formed as Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1960s London, the folk rock group's debut album My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair

  • Campagna T-Rex is a 2-seat, 3-wheeled motorcycle created by Canadian auto/bike builder Campagna Corporation located in Quebec. Using a 1.4 L, 4-cylinder engine, it accelerates from 0–97 km/h (0-60 mph) in 3.5 seconds, with top speed of 253 km/h (157 mph).

ADP1020009 ~ Kernow Motor Bikes on the Promenade

ADP1020009 ~ Kernow Motor Bikes on the Promenade

Plymouth Bike Nights are held in Support of the Armed Forces Charities.

Bikers Supporting British Forces.
Help for Heroes.
Support our Armed Forces charities.
Plymouth Bike Night. 12 Aug 2011. event gate admission donations will be a minimum of ?1.00 per person which will be evenly spilt between Help for Heroes and Afghan Heroes charities as both have been quickly adopted by bikers and the public as being worthy of their support.

Campagna T-Rex

Campagna T-Rex

A Campagna T-Rex trike at a Casino in Las Vegas. I didn't realize but these are Canadian built vehicles. They use a motor cycle drive train.

t rex motor bike

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