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Used Motor Bikes

used motor bikes

Police Traffic Officer Motor Cycle,

Police Traffic Officer Motor Cycle,

Police officers have used motorcycles—primarily for the enforcement of traffic laws and as escort vehicles—since the early 20th century. Chief August Vollmer of the Berkeley Police Department is credited with organizing the first official police motorcycle patrol in the United States in 1911.[1] However, several police forces around the country reported using motorcycles as patrol vehicles earlier. Harley-Davidson credits Detroit, Michigan as being the first purchaser of police motorcycles in 1908.[2] The police department in Evanston, Illinois also purchased a belt-driven motorcycle for its first motorcycle police officer in 1908,[3] and the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau had a police officer who used his personal motorcycle to patrol the city as early as 1909.[4]

The role of the motorcycle as inexpensive public transportation evolved in the 1930s, and their use by police and the armed forces also grew, providing a stable production market for the more utilitarian machines, especially as Europe rearmed after World War I.[5]

[edit] Motorcycles used

20.1.09 Frog Pond

20.1.09 Frog Pond

At my place this pond for frogs replaces a larger swimming pool once used by people.

The motor bike frogs use it for breeding and inhabit all corners of the garden. This green frog which changes colour to match surroundings is native to this part of Western Australia due to the abundance of water in small lakes

used motor bikes

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